Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Bottle Rockets

As our monthly competition, we decorated and launched bottle rockets. Our rocket did not win, since it didn't go the highest, but I think ours was one of the coolest looking rockets. My team decorated it camo for General Mills!

Here is our FHE group

And here is our rocket

The launch! 

It was a great activity. Everyone had a great time and it is so nice to be able to spend time outdoors!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Today we joined with Rob's group to make and boats and float them in the pond at the park. Not very many people were able to make boats that lasted in the water.... but we still had fun doing it.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Trophy Quest!

Sorry for so many pictures, but this was quite the event! Remember when I posted about FHE and the point system? And how each month a group won the trophy and the trophy gets passed around yada yada? Remember how a bunch of us stole the trophy? Well, we had planned to give the trophy back....with all the effort we put in to stealing it, we wanted to make giving it back more fun. So a few of us that stole the trophy (planned the event) got together and came up with Trophy Quest. It was brilliant really. The thing is... April came and things got super busy for everyone and we had to give the trophy back before we could do what we planned. But then my group ended up winning the trophy from our amazing FHE Video! So we could still do Trophy Quest, except we decided to make it a ward FHE activity since Jessica and I are both FHE mom's and we had been two of the people behind the master plan. So we assigned each group leader to help out (but Jessica & I did most of the work). I wanted to do the maps, because I wanted to make them look like old treasure maps. *picture above* I first went online and found a map of the Frisbee golf course (which is where most of the activity took place). Then I soaked tea bags and wiped them over the maps and crumpled them up. I let them dry, dabbed them with cooking oil and then burned the edges and marked up where i wanted them to go. I like how they turned out.

Trophy Quest was modeled after "The Amazing Race" TV show. They all got into FHE groups at the park. They were given a puzzle to figure out. Once they figured it out, it would lead them to the parking lot. Here they were given instructions of their next task... which was getting an egg from point A to point B using each group member. After they brought the egg back, they got their next clue.
The next clue, lead them to the Blue Roof Chapel. They had to drive over there as a group and find hidden Easter Eggs. once they found the plastic Easter eggs, they opened them up to find the next clue. When lead them back to the park... at the benches.
Once there, they received another set of instructions, which told them they needed up to 3 groups members to finish a whole pie to find their next clue. This was the really fun part to watch. They could not use their hands and most groups did use 3 people eating one pie. It is like bobbing for apples. Can't think of the germs. At the bottom of the pie, in a plastic bag was the treasure map! They got another set of instructions telling them that the map was leading them to different places in the park where they had to pick up 4 flags of the same color and then the "X" on the map is where there next clue would be.
So they chose a color, and ran from the pond, to the bushes at one corner of the park to a Frisbee basket at the other end of the park finding and collecting these flags. The last flag was given to them at the next station. Where they received instructions to solve a puzzle using the scriptures and then had to unscramble a word which would tell them where to go. That word was "Playground".
So here is everyone running to the playground to find the LAST clue that would lead them to the trophy! It was fun to watch everyone running all over the place and getting really into this activity that Jessica and I worked really hard on.
In the playground was a sign that gave a clue to where the trophy was hidden, which ended up being in a gutter by someones house. The group below was the first there and the first to find the trophy! The Champions! They were pretty excited and got really into the game... which I loved. I am proud to say that even though I did not participate (because I helped plan the whole thing) General Mills came in 2nd place! Way to go!

Jessica and I were happy when it was over and saw how much fun everyone had and what a success it was! We were the master minds behind it all. It made me feel like I was on the activities Council all over again! It was a lot of fun for us to plan too. We got into all the details. Hooray for fun FHE activities. Hopefully many more to come. Sorry this was so long.

P.S. If you want to see more of the pictures I took from this activity, they are posted on my facebook. Cheers!