Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Pudding Art

Last night for FHE we did pudding art. I had never done it before... but heard it was fun. Turns out none of us had done it before and didn't know what we were doing so we just made stuff up. It was a blast. We first played pudding pictionary and then only a few of us attempted the making pudding art with our tongue.

For pudding pictionary I was the MC that came up with what each person had to draw. Here is the result of each picture.

Ashlee - Segway
Karen- Groundhog

Tina- Remote Control
Kailey - BBQ

Robyn- Sea Horse

Matt- Great Wall of China

Nate- Blender

Tracy- Peacock

Then we had the pudding art we did with our tongue! Karen, Matt & Tracy were the only ones that wanted to try that one. Here's how they turned out.

Matt was very
creative and did his design on one side of the paper to fold it in half
and press to the other side to get the full image.

Karen made a fish. So impressed that was done with her tongue! It is now hanging on the Seeley's refrigerator.

I am not so creative.... and did
more eating pudding than art, but mine came out as a tree.


Karen Ella said...

HAHAHHAHHA! So sad I missed that one.